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Where Fruit Comes From

July 4, 2021
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Pineapples are abundant and so delicious. Super sweet, the best we have tasted. They are about 75 cents, at least at some stands in Xalapa.

Now we know why they love limes (limons) with tacos!

All these fruits are locally grown.

The fruit stands are everywhere. They seem to most prolific on Sunday, maybe they harvest throughout the week and sell on Sunday?

So many kinds of fruit, as yet unidentified by us. We have a goal to try everything.

And so many dogs. Dave would like to make friends with all of them.

Here is a banana plantation on the way to Martinez de la Torre--the white bags hold the bunches of bananas.

So many kinds of banans and plantains, we haven't tried them all yet.

Grapes by the barrel.

A fruit market in the city.

Our balanced diet.